Stechford Lodge No. 3185

Stechford Lodge No. 3185 was constituted in 1907 under charter from The United Grand Lodge of England.


Stechford Lodge No 3185 was the first Lodge to be warranted in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire in the preceeding Century. This Lodge is the great, great, grandmother Lodge of The North Worcestershire Lodge 8180 and was consecrated on Jan 11th 1907. At that time, Stechford was a village in Worcestershire in a rural setting by the River Cole, so it was only natural for the designers to have a 'beaver' as the main symbol on the banner - for the beaver is a furry animal that builds its Lodge under water. It uses its powerful teeth to gnaw through the trunk of a tree growing by the riverside for the purpose of building it's Lodge of two compartments.

It exibits engineering skill, silent purposeful effort and co-operation - a model for the founders of Stechford Lodge. The masonic halls at Stechford were decorated with Lodge furniture belonging to Stechford Lodge, the Master and Wardens Chairs, the desks they use in office, even the chairs used by the senior officers have the names of Past masters of the Lodge carrved into them. These have now been moved to KIngs Heath (Moseley Masonic Temple), since the closure of Stechford Masonic Hall. The dining chairs belonging to the Master and Wardens of Stechford Lodge, are now located in the dining hall at Northfield Masonic Hall.

We meet every 4th Wednesday in January, February, March, October and November, at 17:30 hrs.

Our regular meetings are held at:

Northfield Masonic Hall

641 Bristol Road South
B31 2JS