What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. The members are taught its precepts by a series of ritual dramas, which follow ancient forms and use stonemasons' customs and tools as allegorical guides. How a man worships God is purely his private affair. Masonry is not a religion, but it is about a Supreme being. Since it does not interfere with the way you worship, it stands firmly for the freedom of religions.

However Masonry is not a substitute for religion. Its essential qualification opens it to men of many religions and it expects them to continue to follow their own faith. It constantly reminds you of the duty that you owe to the Almighty and to your fellow-men, and expects you to follow the path shown by your religion to attain that. Because religion and politics often drive people apart, they are never discussed in a Masonic Lodge. Masonry also provides an avenue for charity, since Masonic Lodges do a great deal of Charity, it being one of the three tenets of Freemasonry.

While freemasonry expects a member to be active, it also makes it explicitly clear to him that a Mason must never put his duties and responsibilities to Freemasonry ahead of his duties to his family, to his God and to his country. Freemasonry tries to induct good men into its Order, and strives to make better men out of them, by constantly reminding them of the duty they owe to their family, friends, neighbours, to people in distress, and to the Almighty.

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